Restrooms and Doors

I am a new student at the School of Nursing and have been using the
Tompkins-McCaw library much this summer. I will to use TML into the
forthcoming semesters. However, I have a few observations, The Men’s
bathroom on the main floor has been in a state of disrepair since late
May, whether it is the lack of cleanliness, broken fixtures or the poor
plumbing, there seems to be a real contradiction in terms here given the
fact that TML is used by mainly future healthcare professionals. It
would be nice to see this part of the facility improved.
My other suggestion is that the door leading from the main floor to the
stacks be fixed or replaced. I am not sure if it is the hinges or the
pneumatic hinge at the top of the door or the door just not being
aligned correctly but every time it is opened or closed it serves as a
distraction to all who are within earshot to both those in the stacks or
those on the main floor. I am sure this is a simple repair or
replacement and it would go a long way to removing a distraction from
the library.
Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration.

From: an undergraduate student

Jodi Koste, Head of TML Resources and Operations, replies…

Welcome to VCU and thank you for taking the time to submit your suggestions. The doors to Stack Level C are old and quite noisy.  The high humidity of the summers plays havoc with our older doors.  We have submitted a request to VCU Physical Plant to make adjustments so that the doors will close more quietly.

The restrooms in our aging building are also a challenge. They are cleaned nightly with some limited mid-day service. Our staff periodically inspects the facility along with the University’s contractor administrator for housekeeping services. We realized that the restrooms are not always up to the standards maintained in other buildings on the MCV Campus which must meet requirements for clinical facilities. Nevertheless we do try to address both cleanliness and facilities issues in our restrooms. If you encounter future problems with the restrooms, please report them to the TML Service Desk and we will do our best to resolve them. We do hope to renovate and update our restroom facilities in the future.