Please stagger maintenance of bikeshare bicycles in the future and don’t
hold them for a whole week prior to that maintenance, it is unnecessary
and inconvenient.

From: a first professional student

Steve Barkley, Evening and Sunday Supervisor replies…

Thank you for your suggestion about staggering bicycle maintenance. I
am sorry for inconveniencing you as we continue to develop our pilot
bike lending program.

We are trying to work within the schedule of the RamBike coordinator,
and therefore needed to make sure that the bikes would all be available
at once for him to perform maintenance. We have had them on hold since
Monday night because, given their possible loan period of 48 hours, they
would all be returned by Wednesday night and ready for a tune-up in the
morning.. In the future we will suggest a staggered maintenance
schedule to ensure continued bike availability and to avoid
inconveniencing our patrons. Thank you again for your suggestion.