Hours at Tompkins-McCaw Library

I really feel that the TML hours should be extended to a later time, at least until midnight. Many students on the MCV campus complain that the library closes at 9 pm and think that it should be open longer, just like Hunton. Now that the 2nd floor has been renovated and a lot of students are using it to study, it would benefit a lot of us on the MCV campus. The second floor of TML is the only place on the MCV campus that is large, open, and quiet. Although CIRC and Sanger are open 24/7, they do not have an open environment and are just full of cubicles, which is not very welcoming. Hunton is more open, but there are often people there who are talking; it is not always a quiet environment. All of these are reasons why I feel that keeping TML open longer would benefit medical students such as myself and everyone one else on the MCV campus.

From: a first professional student

Teresa Knott, Director of Tompkins-McCaw Library, replies…

Thank you for your suggestion.  Our Graduate Student Advisory Council has very strongly advocated this position as well.  Among the Tompkins-McCaw Library (TML) and VCU Libraries administration, we have begun to discuss options for how we would execute and fund extending the hours at TML.  In the next year, I believe that we will be able to do this.  We will likely start with a one-year pilot of extended hours where we assess the project at intervals.  There are many logistics to work out, but it is possible that we will launch the one-year pilot in early 2013.
In the meantime, the TML Learning Center @ Hunton and Hunton Hall are open later.  Also, the James Branch Cabell Library has a 24/5 schedule where the building opens Sunday at 10:00 AM and closes Friday at 10:00 PM.  As a graduate or professional student, you are entitled to use the John Mapp Graduate Study and Reading Room at Cabell, lcated on the fourth floor. To have access, you would need to ask the staff at the Circulation desk to add your identification card information to the access system.