Tuesday – Library Day in the Life Project

Well, today I got out of my pjs and into clothes so I could work in the Library.
The day started with a small class of three internal medicine residents. We have about one class a month, each with a different group as they rotate through their residency. They have an assignment that has a question for each different data base or tool they will need for their work. They get some PubMed training from the hospital education department, but we add to that and show them the resources the library has, from e-Books to FirstConsult. In order to facilitate the teaching, and make it easier on the residents, we have set up a Research Guide for the program. Most of the librarians take a turn at teaching this class, and it is interesting when you get to teach it more than once. Each group has their own dynamic and different questions or concerns. But all groups love seeing a bibliography created with the touch of a button in RefWorks.
After teaching, I was off to the computer lab in another building for a BLAST class. I always like to expand and reinforce my skills with the NCBI databases so this was a good class. It is taught by Dr. Medha Bhagwat at the NIH Library using video conferencing. I always enjoy her classes and she is very knowledgeable about everything.
Of course, when you have teenagers at home, you always have the chance of emergency messages, so while I walked over the the class and during the introduction, I was dealing with the dog throwing up on the door mat. My older daughter thought it should go in the washer, but it is a stiff mat and that won’t work, so I told her to hose it down, but she didn’t think that would be clean enough. I sent a text back asking how she though people cleaned things before washing machines. To which she replied, “The somewhat less sanitary way”. At that point I couldn’t argue any more, so I wrote back to throw the mat outside and I would take care of it. Can’t wait to get home!
After lunch I sat through a Mendeley webinar at my desk. I’ve been interested in learning more about Mendeley because I couldn’t figure out who had access to the pdfs stored in the cloud and indexed using Mendeley. Things are a little clearer now, although I still have some questions about copyright and storing pdfs in a cloud. I’d be happy if somebody can direct me to answers. I also wonder which researcher in a collaboration gets to choose the bibliographic software. The system does seem very good and I like programs that allow you to drag and drop things, so I will be testing Mendeley further. And I think an open citation tool to go with open access publishing is a good thing. So I’ll test and write more later.
I’ve also had a few email reference questions, nothing as dramatic as yesterday – still waiting for SFX to start working the Science Direct. So all in all, another interesting day.

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