Wednesday – Day in the Life Project

I’m out of the library again today – providing taxi and groom service to my younger daughter who has a horse show today. But as I mentioned Monday, I am able to do many things from home thanks to computers and the Internet.
Today I’m updating a handout to go into the packets of information for first year medical students. There have been several changes to the information since last year, so I’m updating the appropriate sections. We have so many new digital resources, these handouts need to change focus from the physical collection to the digital collection, but we still need to stress the help we can provide. This is actually helpful for me, because as I check each entry to be sure the information is correct, I update my knowledge of the libraries here. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our specific duties we forget to keep abreast of the whole picture.
And if I have time, I’m going to review the first week of Get Mobilized! An introduction to mobile resources and tools in health sciences libraries. The South Central Chapter of MLA has set this course up and it looks like it is going to be very interesting. While I have played around with lots of apps on my iTouch, including some medical ones (and of course Angry Birds), I haven’t systematically worked with any one thing to the point of being able to teach it well. I’m hoping the structure of a course, with somebody pointing out the really useful things, will expand my knowledge and make it easier to help the students and health care providers.

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