Thursday – Library Day in the Life Project

I was back in the Library building today. I always start out slow if I can, making a pot of coffee and reading emails and my Google Reader and maybe even Twitter or now Google +, to see what people are reading or posting. So I was able to start the day my usual way, but at 9:30 I had to change to my IT liaison/database manager for a medical school department hat for a meeting. In that position, I look after the data storage for all the images and research data created in the department. Today we were working out a move from the university IT to the School of Medicine IT as managers for our server and storage space. This will allow researchers to have their research data server access automatically come up when they log into a computer on the SOM system. Up until now they have had a second log in. I’m hoping this will make things easier for everyone. It was a successful meeting but we’ll see how well it goes when we transition all the privileges in late August.
Then back to the Library where I discovered my computer had died. Totally gone. So I had to call our Library Information Systems department and somebody came and took the laptop part of my computer away – leaving me with two useless monitors. Luckily there was an open computer at the student helper desk so I could finish up the handout I had to update. Actually, after consulting with the library director I redesigned it. But I hope now it is easier to use.
To finish off my day, I sat with some other staff members in our distance ed room to view an Academic Impressions webinar on copyright and digital reserves, I’m never going to be an expert on copyright, but it is always useful to know what is going on in case a faculty member asks me.
The one good thing to come from my computer giving out, was that I finished the day by organizing my desk. I had a good-sized pile of papers and notes that needed to be filed, so I took care of that before heading out. Luckily I’m not in the library until next Tuesday, so hopefully I will have a working computer by then.

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