Day in the Life wrap up and other interests

It is a few days past the end of the Day in the Life Project for this year, but I thought I would write a bit of a wrap up. If you have read any of the other blogs and twitters from last week, you will see that librarians do many, many things. The main thing is, we want to help people by providing them with the information that will give them the knowledge they need to live a better life (and sometimes that means doing an assignment for class). We want to fill information gaps (see Brenda Dervin’s research if you didn’t cover that in library school). I love the fact that my job includes helping friends with medical information needs, finding agriculture extension service pamphlets on pasturage for other friends, giving advice to colleagues and teaching students and faculty to find what they need, reviewing books, and more. In many ways, it is a golden age in librarianship – you can really work to create the job you want, there are so many directions right now.
That said, I have other interest outside of librarianship and when I was talking with a co-worker I mentioned embroidery and she was interested, so here is my embroidery blog link – just in case you are into needlework.

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