Back on June 28 I wrote a blog that referred to our predictions for this year.

Seems that we had hit our second prediction (JPM wins a race) and I said that we only needed one more correct prediction to make the Hall of Fame (batting .333, which is far better than the Mets did the last two weeks!).

Well, looks like we got the third prediction correct — we predicted at least two open-wheel drivers coming over to NASCAR. And that’s going to happen, apparently.

Jacques Villeneuve and Dario Franchitti will be driving Sprint Cup next year! Both will be driving at Talladega this weekend — Jacques in Nextel Cup and Dario in ARCA.

Oh, if only Toyota could pull out a win!!


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  1. The great thing about racing is that it is so unpredictable, (how many cautions were there yesterday at Dover?!) and with each lap the entire race can change! You’re right- announcers need to quit trying to predict the future of point standings and only comment (if they must comment at all) on the lap at hand.