I didn’t plan to write this blog—I wanted to talk about Kyle Busch, Dale Jr., Jimmy, and Jeff. But, a column by Dustin Long in this week’s Virginian-Pilot (Landmark Communications) with subsequent comments has forced me to spout off.

Dustin was writing about Fox’s decision NOT to put the long-running Las Vegas race on another Fox channel in order to air the Simpsons at its regularly scheduled time. He (and I) thought it was the right decision. Well, from many of the comments from readers of that column, you would have thought Fox Sports was un-American by keeping viewers from a new episode of the Simpsons.

It simply cracks me up—people commenting on an article in which they indicate they hate NASCAR, don’t watch it on TV, think it’s a stupid waste of time yet write about a column that they have read that deals with NASCAR even though they despise the sport. I don’t watch the NBA and thus do not read sports columns and reports about the NBA. I don’t watch MLB and thus do not read sports columns about MLB (can’t avoid the steroid articles, though). I seldom watch golf (Master’s maybe) or tennis (I once coached at the high school level) and thus seldom read sports columns dealing with these sports. And, I don’t write comments that denigrate these sports simply because I don’t care about them. People who don’t like NASCAR yet feel compelled to spew their venom simply need to get a life.

And that’s the view from here.