The big news about GM and Chrysler that erupted on Monday morning must be sending shock waves through the NASCAR headquarters, owners’ shops, and track garages. My friend, Brian Tarcy (see “Free Cheezeburgerz” blog at right), asked me what I thought would happen if Chrysler wasn’t able to make a deal with Fiat and went into bankruptcy–would that affect the Dodge teams? I think the bigger concern is that the new CEO at GM has not ruled out filing for bankruptcy in order to restructure its debt. How would that affect teams running Chevys? Certainly the Hendricks and Childresses of NASCAR would feel some pain of losing support of GM. I can’t believe any bankruptcy plan would allow for inclusion of $$ set-asides for race teams (let alone sponsoring a Sprint race at RIR). Even Toyota will be cutting back despite Kyle B’s showing in both Sprint and Camping World (and don’t forget Todd Bodine as well).

On another note, how about them field-fillers last week? At least that’s one way for NASCAR to have a full field. Lucky for Bodine that Sprint qualifying was rained out or he would have stayed around for Monday about $69K poorer.
And that’s the view from here.