Will NASCAR go Green?

The rising concern for our environment along with the fear of gas prices has lead more drivers to purchase hybrid cars. Overall, the latest move towards purchasing “green” products has increased sales for a variety of markets, the car industry in particular. Leading car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Lexus, Nissan, Chevrolet, and many more understand the importance of developing a hybrid line for consumers and the environment.
Many corporate firms have joined the movement by supporting hybrid driving. Today, companies are investing in the popular Smart Cars, as part of their promotional strategy to represent support for the environment. Companies that are following this trend include Mobile 1, Verizon, Little Debbie, Lindt Chocolate, Target, McDonalds and many more. The SMART Car owned by Mobil 1 is an exact replica of the race car Sam Hornish Jr. drives during NASCAR races. From an article on businesswire.com, it is explained that Mobil 1’s motives are to express ExxonMobil’s support for the Alliance to Save Energy and its Drive Smarter Challenge.
How does this all relate to NASCAR? This multi-billion dollar industry is notorious for its speed, but with speed comes gasoline. The average race car gets 2-6 miles per gallon, whereas a hybrid car’s gas mileage ranges from 30-50 miles per gallon. Hopefully, you have noticed the discrepancy in mileage. Many environmentalists have criticized NASCAR as being a gas guzzling industry, and I am sure oil companies across the globe are proud to have race teams around for their own economic benefit. Considering the benefits of hybrid technology, will the leading racing industry be next to join this movement? HK