A Day in the Life of a Fulbright Scholar: Wade Angeli

As the NSO begins recruiting candidates for next year’s Fulbright Award cycle, we will be highlighting thefive VCU students currently studying and working across the globe with the support of their Fulbright grant. These will feature a sample “Day in the Life”, to celebrate the endless opportunities a Fulbright grant can provide!

This week, we’re showcasing Wade Angeli, from Centreville, Va., who received his bachelor’s of fine arts degree in communication arts from VCU in 2014. Wade is presently teaching English to secondary school students in Andorra as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.


Name Wade
Country Andorra
How I spend my mornings I work at a secondary school, where the school day begins at 8:30am. I teach my English classes, plan my lessons, get coffee with the teachers at my school, and practice speaking Catalan.
How I spend my afternoons School ends late here, around 5pm, and the sun goes down behind the mountain shortly after.
How I spend my evenings I like cooking and eating.
What I do in my free time I have one weekday off and I usually go hiking or skiing. My weekends are spent outdoors as much as possible enjoying the mountains.
My go-to meals I get a taste of Andorran and Catalonian food at restaurants or my school’s cafeteria (which is much better quality than most American schools) but at home I make mostly Asian or Mediterranean food like curry or shakshouka.


Who do I interact with every day? (Who are your mentors? Your neighbors? Your friends?)

I of course work closely with the English teachers at my school, but because the school is so small I am easily able to interact with teachers from all different departments. There are 4 other Fulbright grantees in Andorra and we spend a lot of time together. 


What am I seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting every day? (Bring your experience to life here!)

I love waking up to see the snowcapped mountains from my apartment balcony. The air is really fresh and the scenery is unreal.





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