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Construction on Tompkins-McCaw first floor begins Dec. 16

Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences is getting a facelift. The first floor will get new carpet, furniture and a new information service desk. Construction is scheduled to start Dec. 16 with the most disruptive work taking place over the winter break to minimize inconvenience to faculty, staff and students. But, be prepared for noise […]

Fourth Floor

Silent and quiet rules refined at Cabell Library; 175 new silent study seats now available

Patrons are still hearing more noise in James Branch Cabell Library than some would like and library leaders are responding to those concerns by revising expectations about which spaces are “silent” and “quiet.” Months of loud construction are over. Finishing work continues. Starbucks’ renovations will not be complete until April. Art is being installed in the […]

Noise alert: Demolition outside Saturday, Oct. 31

Demolition of the concrete pad where the temporary entrance stood will take place Saturday. This noisy work will start at 6 a.m.and should be complete by 5 p.m.  Saturday was selected because Cabell is less busy on weekends and opens late (at 10 a.m.); fewer students will be disturbed. Replacement of the opaque panels on the revolving […]

Spring break construction planned

Researchers working at Cabell Library over spring break should expect some construction activity. W. M. Jordan will take advantage of spring break to do some work that otherwise would be too disruptive. Here is a summary of what to expect: Fifteen minutes power shut down on March 9 starting at 5 a.m. of panel that […]