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In the News: Coverage of New Cabell

A round up of news coverage tied to the grand opening and construction finale at James Branch Cabell Library. Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star/Capital News Service VCU library: VCU unveils renovated library (March 17, 2016) ABC 8 News VCU unveils $50.8 million library renovation (March 16, 2016) Commonwealth Times VCU celebrates $50.8 million completion of renovated Cabell Library (March 16, 2016)  WAVY 10/Capital […]

Fourth Floor

Silent and quiet rules refined at Cabell Library; 175 new silent study seats now available

Patrons are still hearing more noise in James Branch Cabell Library than some would like and library leaders are responding to those concerns by revising expectations about which spaces are “silent” and “quiet.” Months of loud construction are over. Finishing work continues. Starbucks’ renovations will not be complete until April. Art is being installed in the […]


Fire alarm system test on Dec. 3

The fire alarm system in Cabell Library will be tested Oct. 3. A critical part of completing construction of the new building is tying together the fire alarm system of old Cabell Library with the new system in the new building and ensuring that it works properly. This testing has to be done before the […]

Innovative Media closed Monday, Nov. 30

Innovative Media on the third floor of Cabell Library will close at 1 a.m. Monday, Nov. 30, and is scheduled to-reopen in new space on the lower level at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1. The department, which is expanding into new spaces for video and audio editing and making things, will be offering new equipment […]

Looking for the helpIT Desk? Use the elevator.

Construction begins Tuesday to renovate and expand Starbucks Cafe on the first floor of Cabell Library. A construction wall will block two staircases–including one to the lower level that takes patrons downstairs to the helpIt Desk, Media Support Services and Video Conference Room and other Technology Services spaces. How to get where you need to […]

New Spaces 2 (1)

Progress Update: New floors opening soon

All about the new library Construction news and progress The temporary entrance is no more. The new revolving doors are open. Furniture is being unwrapped and positioned in big new student spaces. Cabell Library, which has remained open throughout construction that began in winter 2014, continues around-the-clock operations. As planned, new service points and sections […]


New doors swing open Oct. 10; new spaces open on Nov. 2

The new entrance of the new building, located on the Shafer Court “Compass”, will open to the public Saturday, Oct. 10. The opening was postponed one week due to safety concerns. The installation of the custom-made vitrine glass, which is directly above the new entrance, was not completed on schedule. One pane shattered upon installation, […]