About the Summit

The VCU Online Learning Summit is an inaugural event! The Center for Teaching Excellence is sponsoring the first of its kind dialogue about online learning among VCU faculty members. The Summit will be a forum for identifying, sharing and discussing key issues about teaching and learning online. The Summit will be held at Salons I & II of the University Student Commons, Monroe Park Campus on May 14, 2012. For more details see the schedule.


The VCU Online Learning Summit will begin with a keynote from Bill Pelz, CAS, a recognized leader in effective online pedagogy. He will share with us his Principles of Effective Online Teaching, supported by more than 30 years of college teaching experience.

Participate in the Summit

We invite all members of the VCU community to participate in the Summit.  Registration with your VCU eID is all that is required. Registration is free, and includes lunch and refreshments.

VCU Faculty Panel Discussions

Each panel discussion will begin with the presentation of position papers by their authors, VCU faculty members. In advance of the Summit event, the position papers will be posted here so you can read, consider and comment on them. These position papers will serve to introduce key ideas, and provide both a foundation and springboard for discussion among all Summit participants before and during the event.

Roundtable Sessions

Each panel discussion will be followed by roundtable sessions intended to extend the dialogue. Each roundtable will be facilitated by a panelist, and consist of small groups of Summit participants. As an outcome of these sessions, each roundtable group will be asked to identify the most important issues and questions they feel require further consideration as VCU continues to explore online teaching and learning.

Closing Reflections

The closing activity of the Summit is a facilitated discussion that will seek to synthesize the ideas distilled from all of the roundtable sessions. Working collectively, the closing session will focus on identifying the core issues and questions that can serve to guide the work of enhancing online teaching and learning in the coming academic year.

Please join us!  Register for the MAY 14th Online Learning Summit

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