150714_007_tk_arThis page provides information about my research projects, course offerings and opportunities for graduate students.  You can also access some of my publications for download. Drop me an email if you have questions (pabukaveckas@vcu.edu).

News & Updates

I published two papers in 2017, both are collaborations with colleagues at Klaipeda University in Lithuania.  We are studying biogeochemical processes and harmful algal blooms in the Curonian Lagoon, which is Europe’s largest coastal lagoon.  Bukaveckas et al. 2017 (Estuarine, Coastal & Shelf Science, volume 191, pages 50-59) compares algal toxin levels in food webs of the lagoon and the James River.  We show that toxin levels are higher in the lagoon as this food web is more dependent on autochthonous (internal) production.  Vybernaite-Lubiene et al. 2017 (Estuarine, Coastal & Shelf Science, volume 194, pages 217-228) examines how algal blooms affect nutrient retention in the lagoon.

For 2018, I have published a paper on nutrient retention in the tidal fresh segment of the James River (Bukaveckas et al. 2018, Estuarine, Coastal & Shelf Science, volume 205, pages 161-173).  We show that climate change will likely result in an increase in nitrogen retention due to trapping of heavier particulates during high discharge events, and to higher rates of nitrate assimilation with warmer temperatures.

My next course offering will be in Spring 2019, when I will be teaching a graduate course in River & Estuarine Ecology.


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