March 30-April 1 Transit Impacts (Monument 10K)


As a result of the Monument 10K race closing roads and prohibiting transit access to Cabell Library and nearby streets, RamRide’s Campus Connector and Express routes will be altered beginning Thursday, March 30 and continuing into Saturday, April 1.

From Thursday morning until Saturday evening, there will be no service west of Belvidere on the Campus Connector. To help passengers cross Belvidere, two buses will run a supplemental route with stops at Main & Laurel and Snead Hall, with Snead Hall serving as the transfer stop between the two routes. This route will operate from 6:30 am – 1 am on Thursday, March 30 and Friday, March 31 only. It is anticipated that the Campus Connector will resume normal operations late Saturday afternoon or early evening. Passengers should track the status of RamRide in real time by visiting or selecting “RamRide” on the VCU Mobile App.



RamSafe operations will also be impacted as some locations, including Cabell Libaray, will not be serviced Thursday or Friday night. Additional road closures in preparation for the race are expected early Saturday morning. As a result, RamSafe will stop operations at 3 am on Saturday morning. Normal operations for RamSafe are expected to resume on Saturday evening at 5 pm.

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