April 24, 2017 – RTD Deck Parking Rules & Regulations

We have been informed by RTD Deck management that several Virginia Commonwealth University parking subscribers are speeding throughout the facility.

As you may be aware, the RTD Deck is a leased facility and is managed and enforced by a separate entity outside of VCU Parking and Transportation.  Continuous violations of the deck’s rules and regulations could result in the facility revoking subscriber parking privileges.

Please remember to travel safely and exercise caution as you enter and exit this facility.

For your reference, RTD Deck’s rules and regulations can be found below:

  1. Drive slowly and use caution.
  2. Do not drop off/pick up passengers at the garage entrance.
  3. Although pedestrians have the right-of-way, they must be alert to vehicles.
  4. Comply with all safety signs.
  5. Do not drive against the traffic flow.
  6. No weapons, concealed or otherwise, including handguns with valid permits, are allowed in the parking facility except as permitted by applicable law.
  7. No smoking is allowed in the parking facility.
  8. No cell phone use while driving within the garage.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact customer service at 828-PARK (7275).

April 12, 2017 – Important: Housing Permit Parking

In efforts to maximize parking efficiency across our multi-use facilities, we require all housing subscribers, who are not utilizing an ADA space, to park their vehicles on the upper two deck levels at all times.

Subscribers who do not adhere to this policy risk enforcement action.  Please ensure that you are always utilizing the top two deck levels when parking in your designated facility, as we are monitoring this activity.

Additional information regarding this policy can also be found in our student parking guidelines.

As always, we thank you for your cooperation.  In the event you have any questions regarding any of our rules or regulations, please contact customer service at 828-7275 (PARK).

April 11, 2017 – JJ Lot Parking Access Interrupted Today

Due to an emergency delivery in Scherer Hall, JJ Lot access will be interrupted today, April 11, until approximately 5 pm. If you will need to park, we ask that you utilize the West Broad Street Deck, located at 1111 West Broad Street.

If you are currently parked in the JJ Lot, you can still exit via the alleyway south of the Pollack Building.

April 4, 2017 – R Lot Transit Schedule

We would like to remind you of RamRide’s service schedule for the R Lot.

RamRide services the R Lot from 5 am-12 am, Monday through Friday.

During the peak times (6:30 am-8:30 am and 4:30 pm-6:30 pm), the R Lot is serviced exclusively by its own dedicated shuttles. During all other times, the lot is serviced by the M Lot shuttles.

Please note, two shuttles are servicing this facility at all times.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding RamRide, feel free to email ramride@vcu.edu.

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