Feb. 28 – WBSD Harrison Street Entry Lanes will be Closed to Traffic March 2

On Friday, March 2, from 7 am until 5 pm, crews will be stationed at the Harrison Street side entry ramp to perform minor deck repairs.  During this project, the Harrison Street entry lanes will be closed to traffic; however, both Shafer Street entry lanes will remain open.

We ask that you utilize the Shafer Street entry lanes when entering the West Broad Street Deck from 7 am to 5 pm on Friday.  The exit lane on Harrison Street and Shafer Street will remain open during this project.

Feb. 22 – ST Lot Access Interrupted Feb. 26-27

On Monday, February 26 and Tuesday, February 27, a boom lift will be parked at the northwest corner of the Scott House, which may impact access to the main Franklin Street entrance of the ST Lot.

Please be advised that you may need to enter or exit the ST Lot by way of the JJ Lot (Harrison Street side entrance) in the event the main entrance to the ST Lot is blocked.  The rear gate of this facility will be open to allow for access.

Feb. 12 – R Lot & M Lot Pedestrian Crossing

It has come to our attention that several subscribers are attempting to cross 14th Street illegally to board the RamRide shuttles during the day.  Please be advised that regulations do not permit a safe pedestrian crossing to and/or from M Lot and R Lot facilities, and VCU Parking and Transportation as well as VCU Police highly discourage this practice due to the associated safety implications and potential bus crowding.

Additionally, though a VCU Police officer is stationed in this area in the afternoons, the officer must direct his/her attention towards ensuring a safe and efficient egress for M Lot and R Lot vehicles.

As a reminder, RamRide offers service to the R Lot from 5 am to 12 am, Monday through Friday.  Two shuttles are always servicing this facility throughout the day—two exclusively dedicated to R Lot during peak times and two M Lot shuttles during off-peak times.  Please note, though it may appear that the M Lot shuttle provides a faster route during the morning and evening peak periods, headway times for both the R Lot and M Lot shuttles average 11 to 12 minutes daily.

The safety of our subscribers and passengers is our number one concern.  Despite the perceived time benefits, we encourage all subscribers to practice safe pedestrian behaviors at all times.  As always, you may track the status of RamRide in real time through the “RamRide” app, accessible by vcu.transloc.com or VCU Mobile.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this email or our RamRide service, feel free to email parking@vcu.edu.

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