Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury Presentation a Success!

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Dr. James Bennett, Center Director, spoke to an audience of
nearly 100 at Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury (RWC) in Irvington, VA, on
Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Dr. Bennett provided the audience an update on the latest
research being done to understand and treat Parkinson’s.

Many in the audience were either afflicted with Parkinson’s
or were caregivers and family members of individuals suffering from
Parkinson’s.  RWC sponsors programs for
those afflicted with Parkinson’s and for caregivers. Attendees were highly
engaged during the presentation, particularly during the question and answer

thoughtful responses received wide approval, and attendees left feeling that
researchers were making real progress in understanding the disease. As one attendee
observed, “Dr. Bennett is an excellent speaker, he explains PD in a way that
makes complex information easy to understand.”

If you are
interested in learning more about programs offered at RWC for people with PD and
caregivers, please contact Rita DePew,
(804) 435-9553, for information about PD support groups. 

Please contact Kori
Poplin, RWC Wellness Coordinator,
(804) 438-4290, for information about PD group exercise classes.


Dr. James Bennett with event organizer Rita DePew. 

The Parkinson’s Quilt hangs in the background.  The quilt, sponsored by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, is a montage of more than 600 panels created by people all over the world.  A member of RWC’s Parkinson’s Support Group contributed the tulips square located on the top row, third from the left. 

The Center would like to acknowledge and thank Laurence Mazzeno for his contributions to this article.

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