3 Facts about Dystonia

September 1, 2015



September is Dystonia Awareness Month, and we’d like to share these 3 facts about the movement disorder that affects an estimated 300,000 people in North America.

1. Dystonia is an involuntary contraction of muscles, causing repetitive or twisting movements that cannot be controlled.
These symptoms can range from mild to severe. There are multiple types of dystonia and it can also be a symptom of another disease or disorder.

2. The most common type of dystonia is focal dystonia.
In focal dystonia, only one part of the body is affected. In generalized dystonia, most or all of the body is affected.

3. The exact cause of dystonia is unknown.
Dystonia may be due to nerve cell communication problems, inherited, or be a symptom of another disorder like Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington Disease, a traumatic brain injury or infection.

VCU PMDC movement disorder neurologists are available to diagnose and treat dystonia.
Call (804)-662-9185(804)-662-9185 to schedule an appointment.

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

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