About us

justiceThe Social Justice in Health Lab is led by Dr. Paul Perrin, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Members include doctoral and undergraduate psychology students at VCU sharing a common purpose to understand and dismantle oppression.

A fundamental goal of our research is to bring culturally sensitive and empirically supported behavioral health services to underserved populations experiencing marginalization and oppression. We take a broad view of health to encompass a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being. From this perspective, disparities in health are one of the most shocking and inhumane forms of oppression, and we believe that the academic and medical communities have a central role to play in their alleviation. “Social justice in health” encompasses three interrelated facets. These are:

  • Cultural, familial, and international approaches to disability rehabilitation and adjustment, particularly in underserved and minority communities.
  • Oppression’s (racism, heterosexism, stigma, etc.) influence on mental and physical health.
  • Social justice approaches to understand and dismantle oppression.