Mission of Mercy: “Going into my second year …,” CHRISTINE NGUYEN, 4/4/11

Going into my second year at MoM, I did not know what to expect.  On some level, I thought that most of the activities would be the same as last year. 

However, I discovered that, as with many projects, these changed once we got there.  Not only did we have the opportunity to interact with every single patient who had prescriptions, but we were also able to educate them about common side effects for each of their medications, how to take their medications according to their dentist’s instructions and how to take care of their mouths post-op.  We even found ourselves removing bloody gauze from patients’ mouths and inserting new ones upon discharge! 

After this year and last year, I am hopeful that the VCU pharmacy students will be able to continue to positively contribute to the MoM projects in the future.  I greatly enjoyed working with all of the volunteers at the event (from nurses and dentists to dental hygiene students and general volunteers), and am honored to have worked with such a fun and enthusiastic pharmacy group!


Mission of Mercy: Introduction, 4/5/11

Five School of Pharmacy students, all P2s, were selected to participate in the 2011 Mission of Mercy project in Roanoke, Va. They were Christine Nguyen (team leader), Ann Bui, Tiffany VanDervort, Wanda Nguyen and Bradford McDaniel. They were joined in Roanoke by fourth-year student Sara Clark, who was on rotation in the area.

In the last three years, the project has provided free dental services to more than 3,000 low-income, uninsured and underserved adults in the Roanoke area.

MoM 2011 took place April 1-2 at the Roanoke Civic Center. Evan Sisson, SOP assistant professor, received this note on April 4 from SOP alumna Terri Bryant (B.S. ’85), who is in charge of pharmacy services for MoM:

“The Roanoke Mission of Mercy project was a huge success this year! Although the data is currently being tabulated, we had approximately 1,000 patient visits in two days. Pharmacy services provided medication consultation, as well as adding patient care instructions for dental extraction packet guidelines.

“The success of our teaching would not have been possible without the teamwork provided by the cohesive VCU pharmacy student team of Wanda, Ann, Christine, Tiffany, Brad and Sara. Their knowledge and compassion was evident in every patient interaction and their enthusiasm remained strong from the early hours to final clean-up.

“They also provided additional assistance with blood pressure checks in triage and pre-op medication dispensing. Other departments also expressed their gratitude for their willing assistance.

“I am once again thankful for VCU’s collaboration in providing for the needy of the Roanoke MoM project and for the kindness and support of these wonderful pharmacy students. I hope to continue this collaboration for the future.”

For more information on MoM, visit http://www.roanokemom.org/.