How It Feels When I Think

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When I am actually trying to think about something, it feels like I am just sitting around, doing nothing until something clicks in my head.  I have to be completely motionless until the idea forms, otherwise I’ll lose it.  An important part that I cannot help but notice is feeling like I need to shut out the world around me in order to come up with a specific fact or idea; this is especially the case when I need to read what is assigned to me in school or work.  In order to truly understand what I’m reading and not just skim over it, I need to study each individual sentence for a minute or two with absolutely no distractions.  If I lose my train of thought then I need to completely start that section over again.  It seems odd that something that comes so naturally to people can, at the same time, be so difficult to do – or even understand.

I feel that the easiest way to describe the sensation is being in a competition with your mind.  Your consciousness is challenging your memory and attention span to come up with a logical answer before you lose the thought.  If you come up with a logical response, then you win.  If you are unable to process the information quick enough, the thought or idea dies and I personally feel it in my gut when this happens.  It truly feels like you lose something important when you let an idea get away from you – almost like you’re losing a part of yourself with it.


Cody J Phillips

My name is Cody Phillips and I am a student a Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.  This blog is intended to organize works that I have completed during my time at VCU and each portfolio represents a different course taken.