VCU Pre-Health Advisory Committee: Overview

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee is a long-standing tradition at VCU. The committee consists of various faculty members from the College of Humanities and Sciences, University College, Honors College, Schools of Education, Allied Health and Engineering, Division of Student Affairs and Division of Strategic Enrollment Management.

The Pre-Health Advisory committee will provide supportive letters of evaluation for those VCU students who present strong credentials to the committee. If students meet the requirements, they are given the opportunity to interview before a subcommittee of our Pre-Health Advisory committee. The subcommittee will write a letter evaluating the student’s credentials for medical or dental school admissions and will present that letter to the full committee for approval. Upon approval of the committee letter, the committee letter and the student’s individual letters of evaluation are transmitted to all professional programs to which a student applies.

The committee evaluation will be summarized by one of the following statements:

  • That the individual is highly recommended
  • Recommended with confidence
  • Recommended
  • Recommended with reservations or
  • Not recommended to medical school.

If the student selects the service of the Pre-Health Advisory committee, the right of access to the committee evaluation must be waived. This waiver of access is included in the student’s evaluation file and is sent to medical or dental schools along with a cover letter and individual evaluations that a student solicits.

Participating in the committee process is optional but strongly recommended, as most medical and dental school admission committees are familiar with our committee process.

This site contains comprehensive  information regarding the Pre-Health Advisory Committee application process.

If you have questions about the process, please contact the Pre-Professional Health Advising team at