File Service

File Service

VCU Students can elect to establish a letter of evaluation file with the Office of                       Pre-Professional Health Advising without participating in the Pre-Health Advisory committee.  This service simply collects letters of evaluation from your references and sends your letter file to medical and dental school application systems (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS).

*Note: No letter of evaluation from the Pre-Health Advisory Committee is included with file service.

Create a letter of evaluation file:

For students requesting File Service letters for the 2018-2019 cycle, please go here.

**For students requesting File Service letter for the previous 2017-2018 cycle, please request transmission of your letters HERE.

  1. Complete online form: 2018-2019 Pre-Health Advisory Committee/File Service Transmission Request Form (link is live as of Monday, June  4, 2018).
  2. Follow Steps for Establishing VECollect account and Requesting Letters of Recommendation.

Steps for Establishing VECollect Account and Requesting Letters of Recommendation:

1) Review Powerpoint – VECollect Applicant Instructions – VECollect Applicant Instructions.

2)Complete Pre-Health Advisory Committee Fee payment form and submit payment – 2018-2019 Pre-Health Advisory Committee and Letter of Evaluation Payment Form.

3) Set up VECollect account and enter evaluator’s information – VECollect.

  • If you are a reapplicant and you are requesting letters from a letter writer from a previous admissions cycle, you must have your letter writers submit a new/updated letter of recommendation.  Additionally, you must also create a new letter record under the letter writer’s name. Please list “2019” after the LAST NAME of EACH of your letter writers within the VECollect system.  This will be the ONLY way you can distinguish between letters for the 2018 cycle and letters for the 2019 cycle.

4) Request Letter of Recommendations.  Give evaluator’s copy of  Letter Writer Guidelines – VCU Pre-Health committee guidelines for writing letters of recommendation.

5) Monitor your VECollect for updates on status of letters of recommendation.

Please note: Upon applying to take the MCAT or DAT you are required to release your scores to VCU.