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Thank you notes after you’re hired

Not only should you send a typed-written thank you note for an interview, you should also send a thank you note if you are hired. 
Whether it was an individual who hired you or a board or directors, thank them for the opportunity and express your enthusiasm for the job. Send out the note before your first day on the job. 
The Etiquette Tip of the Week may be forwarded to others who really, really need it, pinned to billboards, taped to the water cooler, blogged, Twittered or used to fill that last little hole in your newsletter.  Giving credit to the Culture and Manners Institute at is the polite thing to do.


Funded by a stipend from the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program (CSJP) via Volunteer Fairfax, we are looking for a summer intern to begin on, or near June 1, 2011. The intern will provide short-term case management services for our Emergency Services basic needs program, which ensures that low-income families keep their homes in times of short-term financial crises.
● Interviewing applicants and determining level of assistance needed to maintain their homes
● Coordinating packages of assistance with other agencies, particularly Fairfax County’s
Coordinated Services Planning, to reduce duplication and maximize assistance
● Verifying applicable information; requesting checks from the agency’s finance team; and
mailing checks after review
● Connecting clients to other agencies or resources, such as food pantries or benefits
programs, which will assist them in the future to maintain their homes
● Maintaining confidential client files in hard copies and in the computer database
● Providing basic monthly reports to track trends and measure program outcomes
● Working with other staff to ensure that applicants who need more than emergency assistance can apply for other housing programs or services at Good Shepherd Housing and at other agencies
● Must be currently enrolled undergraduate student who will be returning to college as a full
time (minimum of 12 credits per semester) sophomore, junior, or senior student in the fall of
2011 in a US college or university. International students must be eligible to work in the United States.
● Ability to commute to/ from our office at 8305 Richmond Highway, # 17B, in Alexandria, VA. Public transportation is available.
● Knowledge of the local resources and issues, as well as landlord-tenant law, is beneficial.
Submit a cover letter and a concise resume via e-mail to Tom Barnett at

Applicants Wanted: Blue Engine Fellowship

“Open Letter to Applicants”
Let’s face it.   
Next year looms large.  There are opportunities out there, but you’re not 100% sure about taking that next step.  Maybe graduate school, but not now, not yet.  You want to work hard.  You want to be challenged.  You want to work directly with young people.  You want to surround yourself with a talented group of like-minded peers while gaining ground-level experience in education reform and social entrepreneurship.  Most of all, you want to make a difference.
You are the innovation we are looking for. 
Blue Engine was founded for a simple reason.  In schools and communities all across the nation, we do an excellent job of selling students on the dream of college without adequately preparing them to succeed once they get there.  This problem is compounded in low-income communities, where only 15 of every 100 students entering college each year complete bachelor’s degrees.  
So what’s the problem? 
Success in college is shaped by many factors, but research has consistently shown that academic rigor during high school is the strongest predictor of whether students sink or swim that first year.  The challenge, then, must be finding ways to help students master more advanced academic skills before arriving on campus in the first place.
That’s where you come in. 
Introducing Blue Engine, an urban education fellowship year in New York City designed for talented recent college graduates to connect with small numbers of students in a different way—not as teachers, but as full-time teaching assistants.  During one-year terms of service, Blue Engine Fellows conduct small group tutorials (4-5 students per period) alongside experienced classroom teachers, working in teams from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. to help entire grade levels make dramatic progress in core coursework.  By channeling thousands of direct service hours to address one of our nation’s most pressing challenges, we are proud to join the national movement dedicated to expanding educational opportunity in America.  
Want to learn more? 
•       Read profiles of current Fellows and watch a short video of our work at 
•       Check out this year’s application and apply before Wednesday, February 16th (Deadline One) or Wednesday, April 6th (Deadline Two). 
•       Join us on Facebook to receive updates and more information about the Blue Engine Fellowship year.   
Compensation is $1200 a month plus basic health insurance and unlimited monthly MTA passes. Many of our Fellows have applied for and received up to $200 in food stamps. Find more information and strategies about living on a Fellow’s budget on our website.
Right now, on college campuses throughout the country, we are looking for a small number of top-notch candidates to get involved with Blue Engine from the ground up.  The admissions process will be competitive, with our next class of approximately 20-30 Fellows set to begin service in New York City in August of 2011. 
Jonathan Mazer
Program Associate, Blue Engine

Internship opportunity

Chesterfield County Police in Chesterfield Virginia (located in the Richmond Metropolitan area of Virginia) are now seeking internship candidates for  our highly competitive internship opportunities in 2011 and 2012.  The following are the details of our program:
The primary goal of the Internship Program is to further prepare and develop qualified college students to enter a  human resources career. Our unpaid internship program offers college students a rewarding and insightful experience by providing an educationally based program while working in the  Human Resources Department.    Police Human Resources interns are typically seeking careers in human resources.  They are usually students in a human resources degree program but can also come from other liberal arts backgrounds.  Theses candidates will learn various aspects of human resources functions with all hours spent in the Human Resources department.
1. Must be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university. Full time is a minimum of 12 semester hours, per semester for the school calendar year.
2. Must be at least a second semester sophomore to apply to the program. Juniors and seniors are preferred.
3. Maintenance of a 2.5  G.P.A. or better per semester.
Oral Interview with Internship Coordinator 
Background Investigation Process  (takes 6 to 8 weeks) 
2-3 page essay detailing why the applicant wants to intern with Chesterfield County Police  Human Resources , what the candidate hopes to learn  and his or her career goals and finally, detailing the candidate’s academic progress.
We currently have three types of internship opportunities:  Police Intern, Crime Analysis/GIS Intern and Police Human Resources Intern
Interns are exposed to all facets of operations providing a variety of educational opportunities.
Most interns must complete a minimum of 160 hours to complete the program.  More hours may be required if your college or university requires more hours.
Work hours vary and candidates must be flexible.  An effort is also made to work with the intern’s school schedule  as our internships are unpaid. 
All interns are required to complete the number of hours required by Chesterfield County Police and their college or university’s internship program.  
All interns must complete a project whose requirements will be determined by the Chesterfield County Police Internship Coordinator with input from the college or university Internship Coordinator.
Interns are responsible for completing and turning in all required assignments from the internship program at the college or university.
All interns will be required to complete an evaluation of the internship program.
All interns will receive a letter of completion at the end of the program, along with a schedule tracker showing hours completed to submit to the college internship coordinator.
Interested candidates should call  or email me for an appointment and interview.  Theses opportunities are highly competitive and the background process takes 1-2 months. Therefore, candidates should apply early. 
Jeanne Snead Billings
Senior Human Resources Analyst
Chesterfield Police 
(804) 318-8485

This spring the VCU Department of Business Services will grant $52,000 in scholarship awards to degree-seeking VCU students

The awards vary in amount and are available to all VCU students, both undergraduate and graduate.  This is an excellent opportunity for our students, particularly in light of these difficult financial times.  The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, March 1, 2011.
Additional information and application forms are available at  Please contact Stephen Monroe, the support coordinator for VCU Retail Services, at 828.3637 or if you have any questions about the program.