Planned Changes to the NIH Biosketch

The National Institutes of Health are rolling out significant changes to the biosketch format. Sally Rockey says:

The primary focus of the new NIH biosketch will be the magnitude and significance of the scientific advances associated with a researcher’s discoveries and the specific role the researcher played in those findings. This change will help reviewers evaluate you not by where you’ve published or how many times, but instead by what you’ve accomplished. Hopefully, this change will redirect the focus of reviewers and the scientific community more generally from widely questioned metrics, like the number of published papers, the number of citations received by those papers, or one of several statistical approaches used to normalize citations.

What does all this mean in practice? These changes will:

  • Allow up to five pages for the entire biosketch,
  • Permit you to describe up to five of their most significant contributions to science the influence of their contributions on their scientific field, and any subsequent effects of those contributions on health or technology.
  • Allow you to describe their specific role in those discoveries and to annotate their description with up to four publications. 
  • Allow you to include a link to your complete list of publications in SciENcv or My Bibliography

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