August, 2015 Issue of “Research Development and Grant Writing News”

August 19, 2015


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August 15, 2015 issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News

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Vol 5, Issue 12:  Highlights and Excerpts

  • Is There a Need for Your Proposed Project?  “Furthermore, addressing the “need” part of this equation is not a trivial task that can be satisfactorily answered “off the top of your head.” It requires that you first….”
  • Make Your Case for Value-Added Benefits. “Regardless of whether your proposed research is basic or applied, or to which federal research agency you submit your proposal, your funding fate will be determined by how well you make a compelling and convincing case for the value-added benefits of your research.”
  • Implicit Requirements: Dark Matter of the Research Solicitation. “Explicit requirements are stated in “black and white,” “plain as day,” in the solicitation, whereas implicit requirements may be suggested by the explicit requirements in the solicitation, but are often entirely dependent on the reader to decode them.”
  • Research Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Educational Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Agency Research News, Reports, Workshops & Roadmaps
  • New Funding Opportunities

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