“IOS in Focus” Features Unique Approaches to Broader Impacts

IOS In Focus, a blog of the Division of Integrative Organismal Systems at the National Science Foundation, has started a new feature called Focus on Broader Impacts. They state:

While there’s no magic formula for proposing and completing Broader Impacts activities, IOS will use this feature to highlight awardees with unique and/or creative approaches to Broader Impacts.

In their first post, IOS profiles Dr. Matt Ruder and colleagues, College of Charleston, whose funded project is entitled “unPAK: undergraduates Phenotyping Arabidopsis Knockouts: A distributed genomic approach to examining evolutionarily important traits” (Award #1355106).

The unPAK approach is described as particularly strong because “they have put together a project where the Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts sections are so inextricably linked that it is not possible to distinguish them from each other.”

For Dr. Ruder, every aspect of the unPAK program was a natural fit. He attributes this success to a deliberate effort to connect his Broader Impacts with his strengths, his institution, and his research.

Read more about Dr. Ruder’s Broader Impacts strategy and his own views on why it is successful in Focus on Broader Impacts.

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