December, 2015 Issue of “Research Development and Grant Writing News”

December 15, 2015


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December 15, 2015 issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News

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Vol 6, Issue 4:  Highlights and Excerpts

  • Avoiding the Mule’s Kick at NSF.  “A good insight for research offices on how NSF investigates intent in verbatim plagiarism can be gleaned from the below, here taken verbatim from the OIG report. This is good information to bring to any engagement with an NSF proposal, particularly team proposals where several authors may contribute to the research narrative. Moreover, it is excellent information to include in seminars and workshops on grant writing sponsored by research offices. ”
  • Writing Grants to the Department of Education. “The recently published 5th Edition of Grantmaking at ED, Answers to Your Questions About the Discretionary Grants Process, is a welcome update to the prior edition published in 2010….[T]he Guide is an important document because the proposal (application) process at ED is a very prescriptive one, especially when compared to an agency such as NSF. This document provides detail and elaboration on the grant process beyond that gained from reading just the program notification in the Federal Register, or the ED website.”
  • Heuristic White Papers for Building Teams and Ideas. “The key point here is that a white paper forces a transition from a loose verbal understanding of potential research directions to a more concrete written understanding that benefits from a structured logic and descriptive clarity. ”
  • Proposal Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers. “Because grammatical errors and awkward phrasing can distract reviewers from the content of the proposal, PIs should make every effort to avoid these mistakes. Below are a few mistakes that are commonly made by PIs whose native language is not English.”
  • Research Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Educational Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Agency Research News, Reports, Workshops & Roadmaps
  • New Funding Opportunities

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