Critiquing social media strategies

As part of your social media critique assignment, you were asked to analyze the social media engagements of media organizations of your choice. Below are the links to the presentations of all of the seven teams:

Alix Hines and Tina Irizarry: Washington Post (Prezi)

Allison Landry and Audra Shreve : WRIC -TV8 (Prezi)

Manhatten Royal and Samra Khawaja: CBS 6 (Prezi)

Annie Cocke and Katelyn Tatti: CNN (Prezi)

Stephen Ackley and Ireti Adesanya: The New York Times (Prezi)

Amber Shiflett and Carliss Hardy: MSNBC (Prezi)

Nicolas Nightingale and Zachary Holden: NBC 12 (Prezi)



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