Tasks for Weeks 15 and 16

Here are some of the tasks you need to complete during our 15th and 16th week.

Continue to work on your third news packages, if you have not finished, yet. Be ready to give an update at the beginning of class on Tuesday (April 24). Please complete the package the latest by Friday (April 27). Remember that if you are already done with your third package, I let you consider to substitute your final exam with a fourth news package. It will be due the latest on May 7.

On Tuesday (April 24) we will talk about the job market for social media journalists. We will also start preparing for your portfolio presentations. The research project is also due this day. Make sure you reached 40 responses to our survey.

On Thursday (April 26) you will have class time to finalize your portfolio presentations. We will not meet that day, but I am available for questions and can help if needed. Your Storify is also due that day. Send the link via e-mail.

On Tuesday (May 1) we will meet at 9:30 am on the first floor of Shafer Court for coffee. We’ll discuss your social media portfolios. Be ready to present your portfolio for five minutes. Make sure to bring your iPads.

On Thursday (May 3) you will have your final portfolio presentations in front of several social media experts at 1 p.m.

The following social media experts will assess your portfolio. Each of you should expect to present to at least three of them.

Scott Wise (@Scott_Wise), Director of Interactive Media at CBS 6 (LinkedIn)

Kendall Morris (@KendallMorris), Partner at Create Digital (LinkedIn)

Phil Riggan (@RigganRVA), New Media Specialist at Richmond.com (LinkedIn)

Christina Dick (@ChristinaMDick), Community Manager at the Martin Agency (LinkedIn)

Jeff South (@jcsouth), Associate Professor at VCU’s School of Mass Communciations (LinkedIn)

Jeff Nugent (@jeffnugent), Associate Director of VCU’s Center for Teaching Excellence (Bio)

The final exam will also be passed out on May 3. You will have until May 7 to complete it.

To conclude the class, Jeff Nugent from the CTE and I will interview you after the portfolio presentations on your experiences with the use of the iPads. Please expect to be in class until 3:30 pm that day.

I will announce further information on when the iPads need to be turned back in.



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