Tasks for Week 5

Here are some of the tasks you need to complete during our fifth week.

Work on your news packages. Rewrite, polish, re-shoot and/or do additional reporting based the feedback you received. Turn your work into publishable news packages for CBS 6. Update your Google Docs with the final version of the package by the end of Friday.

Finish the online discussion on Facebook by the end of Tuesday. Expect feedback from me and Tom Grasty by Thursday. You also need to try out and comment on the platforms some of your classmates wrote about. We’ll provide more details about this second round of discussions on Wednesday.


For class on Tuesday and Thursday, please complete the following:

Follow our guest speakers Lorenzo Hall, anchor/reporter at CBS 6, and Nathan Hughes, co-founder of SMCRVA, on Twitter.


Als0, please purchase your ticket for the SMCRVA event on Feb. 21 by the end of Tuesday.






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