Tasks for Week 2

Here are tasks you should complete during our second week:


For Tuesday’s class:

Sign up for the “cool tools and apps presentation” as well as the “blog post” and the “social media critique” assignments on the Facebook files in our group. Also let us know your Twitter handle there and the link to your Facebook page. Follow everyone in class before Thursday.

Catch up on the assigned readings. Follow election related news on Timesdispatch.com, WTVR.com and Politico.com every day.

Clean up your existing social media accounts. This week, you need to have a professional online presence with personal content hidden behind privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter.


For class on Thursday:

Pitch your ideas for the first news package in class on Thursday. Get straight to the point: Why is your story idea of interest to the CBS 6 online news audience. You’ll have 30 seconds to make your pitch. Make an updated pitch in class next Tuesday based on the feedback you received.

Continue tweeting every day. I will provide some tips in class on what you can tweet about. You should continue tweeting until the end of the semester.


Deadline: Your social media portfolio is due for a first assessment by the end of Thursday. You do not need to send anything, but provide your Facebook and Twitter links in our Facebook group.  More details under “Assignments.”


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