Tasks for Week 3

Here are some of the tasks you need to complete during our third week.

For class on Tuesday, please complete the following:

Prepare your story pitch for CBS 6 and present it in class. Prepare a brief pitch that includes a summary of your idea, a statement why the story is relevant to the CBS 6 audience, a description of potential sources and your ideas for multimedia packages. You will receive some final feedback in class.

Complete the assigned readings and bring your iPad and mobile phone to class for multimedia training.


For class on Thursday, please do the following:

Do your story pitch for CBS 6 to Scott Wise, director for interactive media. He will come to class to listen to your ideas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Of course also follow CBS 6 on both platforms.


The social media critique is due by Thursday, Sept. 5, 11 p.m. Please send the link to your Prezi presentation via e-mail.




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