Social media anchoring with @LorenzoHall

Lorenzo Hall (@LorenzoHall), an evening anchor and reporter for CBS 6, visited our class on Thursday. Hall graduated from the University of Missouri before landing his first job with the news station as a morning reporter.  During his class visit, he discussed the importance of social media in the newsroom as well as which outlets are best for different news stories.

By Niki Farahmand (@niki_farahmand) and Sam Haywood (@SHaywood)

Lorenzo HallDuring his time as a morning reporter, Hall discovered people are much more interested in information, allowing for a more conversational flow with his audience. Now that he is an anchor, viewers are often much more interested in his personal life than stories. This caused Hall to become more guarded and cautious in what he posts, tweeting only after he leaves a location.

Hall’s goal is to post at least once a day. He has noticed his Facebook followers are less likely to check the social media website constantly, causing him to post more topical statuses to start conversations. Twitter is used for more serious and instant news, while Instagram can be used both personally and professionally. Hall said that the role of social media is crucial to the news station because people never expect a response, so when they receive one, no matter how small, they will remember it.

A challenge Hall faces when reporting on the scene of breaking news is to dissect information that is coming from every direction at once. In this case, Hall must use devices such as his phone to fact check the information before reporting.

Hall’s biggest advice to college graduates is to have patience. Hall was without full-time work for several months after graduation before landing a job. He also emphasized the importance of internships and networking.

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