Tasks for Week 13+14

Here are some of the tasks you need to complete during our 13th week.

Now that we have completed the election coverage, we will turn our attention to our mobile development project.


Class session on Tuesday:

We will start our mobile development project with students in VCU’s Multimedia Journalism Master’s Program. During class you will be assigned in project teams and will received the instructions for the project. Before class, please provide your initial ideas for the project (see link under “files” in our Facebook Group).


Class session on Thursday:

We will visit the newsroom of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Please be at the front entrance at 300 East Franklin Street at 9:30 am. The campus connector stops close to it. Please be on time at 9:30 a.m..

We will meet with online producer Bryan DeVasher (follow him and the RTD on Twitter:  @bryandevasher and @rtdnews). We will also tour the newsroom and visit the morning news meeting with the editors of the newspaper. Make sure that you have read that morning’s printed edition of the newspaper. At the end of the news meeting you will likely be invited to ask questions. Everyone should have a questions ready and ask it.


Class sessions in Week 14 will be completed focused on the mobile development project.

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