Grades updated on Blackboard

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I updated the gradebook on Blackboard. This should give you a good idea where you stand as we enter the final stretch of the semester.

New grades posted include:

Portfolio assessment: Your engagement on your personal Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts until the election. There will be an additional assessment at the end of the semester with your presentation at the portfolio review. Make sure that you include all links in our Google spreadsheet. Some of you still have blank fields for some platforms.

Leadership: This included your editorial leadership in class as well as your engagement as a team during the assigned week on the iPadJournos Facebook page as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts. You also had to create a Storify.

News packages: These were graded based on the need for edits and the quality of the reporting. I will grade the stories submitted after the election at the beginning of next week and will inform those students individually.

You will find comments on all of your grades in the gradebook. Please let me know via email or in person, if you have any questions.

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