Tasks for Week 3

Here’s what’s ahead in Week 3:

On Tuesday (Sept. 4):

Be prepared to do your Social Media Critique presentations on Tuesday or Thursday.

You were asked to find a reporting teammate for this class. Use the Facebook Group to find one, if you didn’t do so in class. Then develop a story idea together to report on an aspect of the fall elections or other political issues in Richmond and Virginia. Find a topic that has not been covered already by other media and prepare a pitch with your partner. You will have 30 seconds to make that pitch on Tuesday. If the pitch is accepted, you will pitch the story to WTVR.com in class on Thursday. Have a backup pitch as well, in case your first idea is not accepted.

We will also set up your iPad reporting kits. So, make sure to bring everything to class.

On Thursday (Sept. 6):

In class, you and your teammate will pitch your story idea to Scott Wise, director of interactive media at WTVR-CBS 6. Make sure that you got final approval for the pitch. Prepare your story pitch for CBS 6 and present it in class. Prepare a brief pitch that includes a summary of your idea, a statement why the story is relevant to the CBS 6 audience, a description of potential sources and your ideas for multimedia packages. You will receive some final feedback in class. Pitches will be at the beginning of class, so make sure to be on time.

Here’s a reminder on the assignment for the news package: Based on your pitch to CBS 6 and the feedback your team received, produce a news packages that includes a written story for online publication (500-600 words, minimum of five sources) as well as multimedia elements (1-2 minute videos, photo slideshow) and social media promotion. Every package needs a thumbnail photo that can be used on the homepage teaser. It is expected that you produce a professional and publishable news packages. Format your stories based on the story structure under Assignments. Expect to do several rewrites and production efforts for every package. Write your story in a Google Doc and give your instructor full editing access. Video upload procedures will be discussed in class on Thursday. E-mail only photos. More details will be provided in class discussions.

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