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I’m a senior from Altavista, majoring in print and broadcast journalism. I’ve interned with the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program for VCU’s Social Media Institute, Richmond magazine and I will be interning for CBS 6 this coming semester. I’ve also written several articles for The Commonwealth Times and I have written for I often post unpublished work on my blog, Capture Untold Stories ( Journalism has helped me combine my passion for writing, social justice and international issues into one field. I want to cast a light on issues that are often overlooked and tell the stories of everyday people. I admire the New York Times series “One in 8 Million,” and I can envision a series similar to that but in another country. I truly believe that everyone has a story to tell and I want to tell as many as I can. Not every story is happy, or inspiring but the human struggle is what I find the most intriguing. I hope to become an international correspondent after attending graduate school. My favorite quote comes from Katherine Boo, of The New Yorker. She writes, “Very little journalism is world-changing, but if change is to happen, it will be because people with power have a better sense of what’s happening to people who have none.” More information about Alix on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogger.

Tumblr 101 with @tess_marie

Tumblr Community Support Director Tess Shebaylo (@tess_marie) spoke to our class last Thursday. She is a VCU alumna who majored in information systems, although she began as a mass communications major. Her career with the microblogging platform Tumblr began when a friend, a writer for RVA News, published an article on the new Tumblr office in Richmond. Continue reading

Building a tool kit with @TomGrasty

Tom Grasty (@TomGrasty), co-founder of the video-editing platform Stroome and winner of a Knight Newschallenge Grant, skyped into our class Tuesday to discuss an iPadJournos tool kit of the best photo, video and audio apps. Students gave feedback on the apps and online platforms they experimented with and Grasty gave further suggestions. Continue reading

Learning about collaborative video editing from @TomGrasty

Tom Grasty (@TomGrasty), winner of a 2010 Knight News Challenge Grant and founder of the online video editing platform Stroome, skyped with the iPadJournos last Thursday (see Grasty’s tips here). Grasty is consulting with our class this semester through a Knight Bridge Grant from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. He will also visit us in person during VCU’s Mass Communications Month in April.

By Emily Satchell (@esatch) Continue reading

Pitching story ideas to @Scott_Wise

Scott Wise (@Scott_Wise), director of interactive media at CBS 6 , discussed what he described as the ever-changing social media world with the iPadJournos on Tuesday morning. Wise is part of a team responsible for developing the different social media platforms to reach out to the station’s audience. The iPadJournos also pitched their first multimedia story ideas to him.

By Scott Wyant (@ScottWyant) Continue reading

@ngjennings skypes with the iPadJournos

Yesterday, our class skyped with Natalie Jennings (@ngjennings), the social media manager of the Washington Post’s Jennings spoke to us about the role of social media in the world of political journalism.

By Shelby Mertens (@Shelby_Mertens) Continue reading