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Wrapping up the semester

Here we are: It’s the last week of the semester!

First, we will do test runs of your portfolio presentations. On Tuesday (Dec. 5), the students who worked in the newsroom on election night will have their test run. On Thursday (Dec. 7), the students who covered the election night parties will have their turn. All students have to be present on both days. Please prepare a Prezi presentation that showcases your portfolio. This should be a five to seven-minute presentation. No longer. Remember that you are not only presenting work from this class, but that you are expected to put your best foot forward as if you were applying for an internship or job. Make sure that you present your social media platforms in this presentation. Please email me the link to your Prezi.

Please remember to return the 360 cameras to me in class on Tuesday!

The portfolio review will be on Friday, Dec. 8, 9 to 11 am, in Temple 1137. All students are expected to attend. Please be there at the latest by 8:50 am.

You will have five 15-minute one-on-one sessions with professional reviewers during the event on Friday. You will present your portfolio to each reviewer for about five to seven minutes. You will then have time for some discussion with the reviewer. The reviewers will sit in alphabetical order at assigned tables in the room and you will be moving from reviewer to reviewer. Please see the assigned schedule, so you know who you will be talking to at which stage of the review.  You might want to send your portfolio links to your assigned reviewer ahead of Friday.
The reviews are targeted at giving you some outside feedback and perspective on your work. Treat this as if you were applying for an internship or job. Don’t forget to bring your resume and business cards.
Please return your complete iPad reporting kit to John Geerdes after the portfolio reviews. You can do that right afterwards or at the latest by Wednesday, Dec. 13, 3 p.m. Before returning it, please download any pictures or videos you want to keep. Then do a complete reset:  Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings.
Thanks for all of your hard work this semester. You’re almost there.

Tasks for Weeks 13 and 14

In Week 13, we will work on your social media portfolios. Be ready to showcase the current state of your portfolios (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) to your instructor. We’ll also work on your portfolio blog  this week.

You only have to come to one of the two classes during this week. That way I can give you individual attention with your portfolio.  All students who worked in the newsroom of CBS 6 on election night, will come to class on Tuesday (Nov. 14). All students who covered the election parties on election night will come to class on Thursday (Nov. 16).

All remaining stories are due on Nov. 17 (see story budget).. Please send me an email update on your story by Nov. 14.

In Week 14, we will visit the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Tuesday (Nov. 21). Please be at the newsroom at 300 East Franklin Street at 8:50 a.m. that day. We will tour the newsroom and meet the editors. There will be no class on Thursday (Nov. 23) due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

As a heads up: The final portfolio presentations to a group of professional journalists will be on Friday, Dec. 8, 9 -11 am, in Temple 1137. 


Expectations for Election Day and Night Coverage on Nov. 7 (Week 12)

These are the expectations for our Election Day coverage. After class on Nov. 2, please see the polling place assignments and team members in our budget (link in our Facebook Group). You will also find your Election Night assignment there after Nov. 2. 

1) Be at your assigned polling place at 8 a.m. and interview voters (8-10 people) on camera; aim for balanced voting and demographics; take photos as well; set yourself up outside of the polling place around the area where the campaign signs and workers are. The focus of your interviews is the gubernatorial race. It’s no problem, if some voters also talk about the lieutenant governor and attorney general races, but the main focus must be on the gubernatorial race (candidates and issues). Also ask some questions about how President Trump and his policies have influenced voter decisions. Teams who have an assignment for two polling stations need to start at 7 a.m.

2) Live tweet and Instagram from location (3-5 tweets, 1-2 Instagram photos per reporter); use hashtag #ipadjournos; show how you cover the election and take the audience behind the scenes.

3) Wrap up reporting around 9/9:30 a.m. and write a five paragraph story on your polling place in the assigned Google Doc (please see the link in your inbox and in our Facebook Group after Nov. 2) and edit soundbites into one video; use a clean standard white title for the first and last name of every interviewee. No second line necessary in the titles for this assignment. In the written story please provide the name of the polling station and location as well as full name, age, occupation for each of the interviewees; e-mail photos in one e-mail for each team (no more than 5-6 per team); you can work from a cafe or from home, no need to come to the classroom; finish story and video by 11 am (this is a hard deadline). Upload the video to Google Drive and share it. Use as video name: “Interviews with voters in a Henrico” (or Chesterfield, Richmond, Hanover).

4) Be available for editing questions from me until 1 p.m. (someone in your team with knowledge about everything you did needs to be available).

5) Be ready for your Election Night Assignment. Teams assigned for election parties should be there by 5:30/6 p.m. and be on site until it’s over. Include videos, photos, 360 photos, Facebook Live streams, Twitter and Instagram in your coverage. File a complete story on your party by 9 a.m. on Nov. 8. Students assigned for election coverage at CBS 6 need to be at the station at 6:45 p.m. and should expect to be there late until the election is decided.

And remember: No class on Nov. 9!

Here’s what we did in 2014, 2015 and 2016:

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Tasks for Week 10

Please remember that there is no class on Tuesday (Oct. 24). You have a reporting day. Please file your second news packages that day, if you haven’t done so, and work on your third ones. If there are issues, please let me know.

On Thursday (Oct. 26), we will have a guest speaker. Andrew Cain, political editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, will discuss politics in the battleground state of Virginia.

Tasks for Week 9

We will have an editorial meeting and story editing session on Oct. 17. There is no class on Oct. 19 due to fall reading days. Keep working on your second news packages.

I will update the gradebook on Blackboard during reading days and will notify you when grades are posted.