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Tasks for Weeks 13 and 14

In Week 13, we will work on your social media portfolios. Be ready to showcase the current state of your portfolios (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) to your instructor. We’ll also work on your portfolio blog  this week.

You only have to come to one of the two classes during this week. That way I can give you individual attention with your portfolio.  All students who worked in the newsroom of CBS 6 on election night, will come to class on Tuesday (Nov. 14). All students who covered the election parties on election night will come to class on Thursday (Nov. 16).

All remaining stories are due on Nov. 17 (see story budget).. Please send me an email update on your story by Nov. 14.

In Week 14, we will visit the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Tuesday (Nov. 21). Please be at the newsroom at 300 East Franklin Street at 8:50 a.m. that day. We will tour the newsroom and meet the editors. There will be no class on Thursday (Nov. 23) due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

As a heads up: The final portfolio presentations to a group of professional journalists will be on Friday, Dec. 8, 9 -11 am, in Temple 1137.