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Tasks for class on Nov. 3 (Week 11)

Please check your Election Day and Night assignments in our story budget (link in Facebook Group under “Files). Before class on Nov. 3, please determine the specific polling station you will be going to for your election coverage. Bring that information to class and we will discuss it then. Also, check your Election Night assignment in the budget and make arrangements for it. We will discuss it in class as well.

See all expectations for the election coverage here. 

Discussing the presidential election with CCTV correspondents

As part of the speaker series “Tweets from the Trail: The Media and the 2016 Presidential Campaign,” our class connected with two correspondents from China Central Television (CCTV) via Facetime. Wang Guan is the chief political correspondent for CCTV America’s Mandarin Service, which is based in Washington D.C. As the chief political correspondent, Guan reports on events that help shape China-U.S. relations. Nathan King is a correspondent at CCTV America and in addition has reported on international affairs for almost 20 years. He currently “covers relations between the U.S. and the rest of the world”. Guan and King talked to the class about the presidential race in the United States from a Chinese perspective. Continue reading

Field reporting on Thursday (Week 7)

Thanks for all of your hard work previewing and covering the vice presidential debate. We were planning to have a field reporting day next week, but decided this morning to give you that day tomorrow. So, there will be no class session tomorrow (Oct. 6). Please use the time to work on remaining story assignments and the mayoral candidate profiles. Please check the assigned deadlines for your stories on our story budget.

Please keep an eye out on the approaching storm this weekend. If you see anything newsworthy, let Scott and us know. Of course be careful. Your safety always comes first.

If there are any questions or issues with reporting, please just let us know.

Election roundup with @ryanobles

NBC 12 political reporter and anchor Ryan Nobles (@ryanobles) visited our “iPadJournos” class on Tuesday to discuss social media and the recent Virginia gubernatorial election. Nobles opened the discussion by asking every student about the deciding factors in the election. Continue reading

iPadJournos election wrap-up

Congrats, everyone! We have completed our election reporting project. You all did outstanding work on Election Day and your reporting contributed to the overall election coverage in Virginia.  You published 31 election stories on our iPadJournos landing page on the website of WTVR-CBS 6. And you did a great job curating election news for our audience on our Tumblr page #VAgov Watch. Keep up the good work in your final reporting projects!