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Social media anchoring with @LorenzoHall

Lorenzo Hall (@LorenzoHall), an evening anchor and reporter for CBS 6, visited our class on Thursday. Hall graduated from the University of Missouri before landing his first job with the news station as a morning reporter.  During his class visit, he discussed the importance of social media in the newsroom as well as which outlets are best for different news stories. Continue reading

Tweeting with @LorenzoHall

Lorenzo Hall (@LorenzoHall), anchor and reporter for CBS 6, came to class yesterday to speak about reporting and social media. He had a very unique story to tell about how he got involved in journalism. As children, he would play in a burnt down car in a rough neighborhood near his grandparent’s house after school. One day a man came out and accused him of burning the car. Hall was so worried, he started to watch the news every night to see if his mugshot appeared. That is how he was initially pulled into journalism.

By Sam Isaacs (@samisaacs) Continue reading

Tweeting the news for CBS 6

Reporter and anchor Lorenzo Hall (@LorenzoHall) of WTVR CBS 6 (@CBS6) spoke to our social media journalism class on Tuesday about ways to utilize Twitter. Hall said that initially Twitter was just an experiment for most journalists. At first the microblogging network didn’t generate much traffic, because journalists weren’t tweeting to large audiences. But by now it has become an essential tool for most journalists. Hall has more than 1,400 followers on Twitter and thinks that it is important to keep these followers up-to-date on the latest breaking news. Continue reading