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Portfolio reviews with professionals wrap up the semester

On Thursday, our class wrapped up the semester with the final portfolio review. We met with social media experts to go over our different social media platforms. Some of the experts included Scott Wise, director of interactive media at CBS 6, Shelby Lum Cousino, photographer/videographer at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Maggie McDearmon, a career development adviser at VCU and five other experts. Each student had at least three critiques from different experts. Students presented their social media on iPads and laptops. After presenting our social media accounts, the expert typically gave us some advice on how to improve the platforms. Continue reading

Tasks for Week 15

In Week 15,  we will talk individually about your social media portfolios. Make sure that all of your social media links are posted in our spreadsheet (see link under files in our Facebook group). Be ready to do an informal individual presentation in class to your instructors. While it is strongly recommended that you prepare a Prezi presentation for the final presentation next week, you can just pull up your accounts on your iPad for this week’s review.

You only have to come to class this week during your assigned time below. Please make sure you are on time. Remember the guidelines for the portfolio.  Continue reading