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Tasks for Oct. 13 (Week 8)

On Thursday, we will wrap up the tool presentations. Please be ready to present and post your tool on the list under “Files” in our Facebook group, if you haven’t done so.

Please also keep in mind your blogging and editorial leadership assignments. Please don’t forget what you need to do for those assignments. 

Tasks for Week 15+16

Here’s how we’ll finish our course.

In Week 15, I will discuss your social media portfolios with you individually. You will have to come by our classroom in Temple 2222 at your assigned time (please be on time!). During the rest of class time, you don’t have to be in class. This will allow me to give you undivided attention and you will be able to use your time efficiently at the end of the semester. Please be ready to showcase your social media platforms to me during your assigned time on your iPad (no more than 5 minutes). This is a presentation test-run, so that I can give you feedback before the final presentation.  Continue reading

Conclusion to the iPadJournos semester

The iPadJournos called it a semester with the conclusion of the social media portfolio evaluations on Thursday afternoon. Before a panel of six judges, the students in our Social Media Journalism class presented their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well as one or two extra platforms such as Pinterest, Storify and Google+. Continue reading