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Tasks for class on Nov. 3 (Week 11)

Please check your Election Day and Night assignments in our story budget (link in Facebook Group under “Files). Before class on Nov. 3, please determine the specific polling station you will be going to for your election coverage. Bring that information to class and we will discuss it then. Also, check your Election Night assignment in the budget and make arrangements for it. We will discuss it in class as well.

See all expectations for the election coverage here. 

Tasks for Week 9

We only have one class session in Week 9. On Tuesday (Oct. 18), we will have an editorial meeting. Be ready to discuss all remaining stories and pitches. There is no class on Thursday (Oct. 20) due to VCU Fall Reading Days.

Please don’t forget that you need to live tweet at least one presidential debate. The last chance for that is this Wednesday (Oct. 19) with the third and final debate.

Tasks for Week 2

Thanks for a great start into our semester on Thursday! It was nice getting to know all of you at our first class meeting. We hope you are as excited about the semester as we are.

Here are a few reminders on tasks that you should complete in Week 2.  We want to make sure that we’re all on the same page as we enter our second week. If you missed our first class meeting, please jump on board right away. You cannot wait until our next class meeting to do so.  Continue reading