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Pitching stories to Scott Wise of CBS 6

On Tuesday morning, we welcomed our first guest speaker Scott Wise from WTVR-CBS 6.  Wise, the director of interactive media, is the point of contact between WTVR-CBS 6 and our student journalists as we work to produce stories for the station’s website. His visit served as a general introduction to the partnership with CBS6 and to the standards which stories are held to. It also kicked off the class’ first editorial meeting. Continue reading

Tasks for Week 2

Thanks for a great start into our semester on Thursday! It was nice getting to know all of you at our first class meeting. I hope you are as excited about the semester as I am.

Here are a few reminders on tasks that you should have completed at the latest by the end of Tuesday (Sept. 1).  I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page as we enter our second week. Continue reading

Social media news strategies with @Scott_Wise

Scott Wise (@Scott_Wise), director for interactive media at WTVR-CBS 6, visited our class on Thursday. Wise said that the local TV station uses multiple social media platforms on a daily basis. All reporters have iPhones to take pictures and record video of breaking news on the scene. By doing this, they are able to post pictures on Twitter or videos via YouTube to put on the station’s website. Continue reading

Tasks for Week 3

Here are some of the tasks you need to complete during our third week.

For class on Tuesday, please complete the following:

Prepare your story pitch for CBS 6 and present it in class. Prepare a brief pitch that includes a summary of your idea, a statement why the story is relevant to the CBS 6 audience, a description of potential sources and your ideas for multimedia packages. You will receive some final feedback in class.

Complete the assigned readings and bring your iPad and mobile phone to class for multimedia training.


For class on Thursday, please do the following:

Do your story pitch for CBS 6 to Scott Wise, director for interactive media. He will come to class to listen to your ideas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Of course also follow CBS 6 on both platforms.


The social media critique is due by Thursday, Sept. 5, 11 p.m. Please send the link to your Prezi presentation via e-mail.