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Tumblr 101 with @tess_marie

Tumblr Community Support Director Tess Shebaylo (@tess_marie) spoke to our class last Thursday. She is a VCU alumna who majored in information systems, although she began as a mass communications major. Her career with the microblogging platform Tumblr began when a friend, a writer for RVA News, published an article on the new Tumblr office in Richmond. Continue reading

Conclusion to the iPadJournos semester

The iPadJournos called it a semester with the conclusion of the social media portfolio evaluations on Thursday afternoon. Before a panel of six judges, the students in our Social Media Journalism class presented their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well as one or two extra platforms such as Pinterest, Storify and Google+. Continue reading

Developing the social side of print journalism

Bryan DeVasher (@BryanDeVasher and @RTDNEWS), the social media editor for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, came to our class on Tuesday and reflected on the days when multimedia and social media did not exist. When he started his journalism career, he never would have imagined being in the job he holds today. DeVasher worked for the Daily Press in Newport News for 13 years prior to his position at the Times-Dispacth, which he has held for five years now. Continue reading

Introduction to Social Media

Click on this link to view the introductory lecture on social media. To view the presentation on your iPad, make sure that you have downloaded the Prezi app. Then download the presentation with your app.